Kalina is standing in a forest. They are holding a shotgun microphone and smiling.


My name is Kalina Eskew (they/them).

I am a PhD student in Ecology and Conservation Biology at Texas A&M University and an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I am advised by Dr. Jessica Yorzinski and my research focuses on the effects of flashing lights (like headlights) on avian behavior and physiology including sleep and reproduction! I am interested in the consequences of anthropogenic pollution on bird behavior and why some species are more tolerant than others to human activities. I primarily work with songbirds but I also study Indian peafowl.

Before moving to Texas, I grew up in southeast Iowa and fell in love with birds while exploring the forests and prairies. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Science from Coe College in 2021.

In my free time, I enjoy birding, making music, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends!